Two Bucks For Christy Marks

Two Chaps For Christy Marks

Christy Marks was more lewd than that babe usually was. This was her 1st time rogering 2 studs. This babe waited outdoors for them and wore a tight shirt and a miniskirt. That babe stretched and limbered up like she was warming up for an muscly competition. In a sense, she was, ‘coz Christy looked at doing porn fellows on-camera like it was a sport, joy and pleasurable. She gave as nice as this babe got, often times giving better than this babe got.

Christy chatted with the photographer whilst that babe waited, talking about getting two larger than average, chubby dongs. That babe could not await to engulf and ride them. This was one of the great things about her free and effortless, happy-go-lucky personality. She didn’t have the mechanical approach so many accomplished porn stars have. Christy was, and is, the real goddess.

When the fellows arrive, all three sit on a bench in the garden and talk and joke, gradually getting handsy, feeling every other up. Rubbing her big breasts, fondling her legs. They slip so smoothly and naturally into their 3some, it is like they were sat in Christy’s living room. Each gent acquires half of Christy, then they swap. That babe has a humongous smile on her face the complete time.

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