Tyra Tinley: 38N-cup Tape Buster

Tyra Tinley: 38N-cup Tape Buster

Tyra Tinley swings and bounces her remarkably titanic love muffins, a natural phenomenon the XL Cuties digital camera captures in slow motion to savor every second.

“I receive an extreme amount of attention,” Tyra said. Seeing is believing. “Sometimes it can be overwhelming depending on the environment but for the almost all part it’s flattering and I savour it.”

One of the questions a angel is usually asked is if this babe watches the movies or looks at the photo sets she shoots at XL Gals. Some do, either alone or with someone, for pleasure or to review her moves. Some angels don’t look at at all.

Tyra mentioned she has two wanton habits. One of ’em is voyeurism. The other is one we had to look up. It’s called katoptronophillia and it’s raunchy fun from looking into a mirror whilst having sex, masturbating or doing any kind of raunchy activity such as stripping. Some discharges at XL Girls have used mirrors. There is a Milly Marks scene of Milly in a gold dress doing mirror play in the 1st 3 minutes.

You learn something new daily.

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