Va Va Valory!

Va Va Valory!

“To be honest, previous to working in the internet company, I thought that I would love to be a model but I did not think that it could be possible,” told Valory Irene, one of the all-time great SCORE Cuties.

“I thought if it happened, it would happen. I didn’t fantasy a lot about this but I had the thought in my mind.”

Valory was discovered by a reader who’s found other glamour models and notified us.

“I was detected by a Lothario from Dublin. He was visiting Ukraine and he was in my hometown. I was walking in a shopping mall. I passed him by and this chab talked to me. We had some conversation and he made a little photo set with me, but to be honest, I didn’t believe it would happen. I thought it would be the first time I saw him and the final time.

“I didn’t think it would lead to success and all the pictures. I did not believe it. And then I was invited by SCORE to the Caribbean for the first of many photo sessions.”

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