Meet Codi Vore in this introductory episode interview, a jaw-dropping, gracious, 21-year-old big busted blond living in Las Vegas. Codi is a cam gal and her customers told her about SCORE. It had to be a natural fit. Codi has K-cups and we all adore K-cups.

“I am a webcam beauty and a movie scene maker, so I do non-professional porn, basically, adore all the time, but this is my first time shooting professionally,” Codi told. “My room mate Tegan Trex is a cam adult model, and she had tons of joy with it. I was not sure what I wanted to do, and I identified that it was plenty of pleasure. I am very erotic. I enjoy performing. I enjoy theater, and I just wanted to do smth that I could have tons of enjoyment with, and this turned out to be a truly worthwhile route to go.”

Besides camming, which allows the world to view her do her thing, Codi keeps busy. “I’m a swimmer and scuba diver, and I relish everything in the water. I play table-top role play games, observe Netflix, go to parties and have adventures. I’d like to learn to sail so hopefully I’ll receive around to doing that in a short time!”

Now about her name Vore.

“I’m a vorarephile, which is where my stage name comes from. For years I was masturbating to vore in advance of I even knew what I was doing. But beyond that, I like majority kind of humiliation, objectification or slave-like submission. I don’t actually relish ache sexually. but I love the idea of being someone’s property, locked-up and used solely for pleasure.”

Vorarephilia is a fringe fetish in which a person is sexually aroused by the fantasy of somebody swallowing ’em whole or swallowing some other person. A vorarephile will acquire wanton by the dream or artwork, and sometimes role-playing, of being devoured by a gigantic snake or a giantess or colossal swallowing a person. (The clip Little Shop of Horrors about a human-eating plant is a vore dream.) If they’re indeed into it, they’ll build a big plush toy creature to play out this dream. Codi is the first SCORE Gal ever to acquire off on this fetish and talk about it.

“In general, I love thraldom and edging. I can promise you that you don’t crave me to describe the scenarios that I masturbate to.”

As for the population of SCORELAND, a stunner with big mangos and a beautiful fur pie adore Codi is basically all that’s needed for the spank bank.

We look forward to more Codi Vore. U could just eat her up!

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