Young & Cuddly XL Girl

Young & Cuddly XL Girl

“I don’t usually emphasize my bazookas, but to draw attention to them I wear anything low-cut or taut,” said Sylvia Bateman, a cheerful, affable teen titillator from Texas. “When it comes to bras, I buy whatever is the almost all comfortable. Most of the time I need a fitting.”

In advance of natural wonder Sylvia acquires busy, that babe sits with our photographer for a chat so we can have to know her more priceless. He’s especially interested in the reaction Sylvia gets about her bigger than typical (38G-cup) funbags. “I get plenty of attention ‘coz of them and it made me self conscious.” A friend suggested she adult model for XL Angels. Sylvia calls herself a nerd and laughs a lot during their talk. That babe loves to paint, read novels and play episode games.

Their chat leads to sex questions. Even though she’s done hardcore, she seems on the coy side, but that’s part of her pizzazz and sinless look. The sex talk leads to him asking her to get her glamourous clothing off and masturbate. Sylvia fingers her furry twat and cums very quickly. At eighteen, her sexual response cycle (excitement, plateau, large O and resolution) is rapid and may be even faster ‘cuz this babe is being viewed while this babe rubs one out.

XLGirls: So, Sylvia, how did you get into the whole adult modeling scene?

Sylvia: I like taking stripped photos of myself and I thought, “Why do not I do this as work?” XL Girls was the first studio to hire me for glamour modeling and I could not be happier to make my accomplished first appearance with ’em!

XLGirls: What do u think about when u observe your movie scenes?

Sylvia: To be honest, I try to separate what I able on-set and try to live throughout what the movie scenes are supposed to depict. I love working with the hot and hot studs that XL Beauties has had me work with!

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