Bored Housewife Dee

Bored Housewife Dee

Bored Housewife Dee

Dee is disgruntled. Her hubby used to be wild like her, but now he just works all day. Poor Dee gets bored easily, so she masturbates to pass the time. She needs excitement. She needs a fling.

We can help with that. Why don’t you give it a try?

You’re the man who fucks her ass with a big, black toy. You’re the one who stuffs his cock down her throat. You’re the man who fucks her pussy and makes her cum hard. Dee is looking up at you with those lust-filled eyes, her body shuddering from your touch. And, you’re the man who sticks his cock deep inside her asshole while she bounces up and down on it, trying to get every inch inside and succeeding.

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Ivanna: Russian cock-lover

Ivanna: Russian cock-lover

Ivanna: Russian cock-lover

We don’t get a lot of Russian MILFs at, but we have one today. Her name is Ivanna, and she’s a 52-year-old divorcee and mom from Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad), Russia, born way back when there was such a thing as the Soviet Union. In this scene, she’s quietly seducing Frankie, who at first isn’t quite sure what’s going on but finds out soon enough when she unbuttons her top and starts sucking his cock. Ivanna has an old-fashioned hairy pussy that gets fucked hard, and she’s treated to a facial.

Ivanna enjoys reading and savoring a glass of wine by a fireplace. She says the people who know her back home, especially her children, would be shocked to see her here. She used to be a swinger. Her sexual fantasy is to have sex on top of a skyscraper. She has sex three or four times a week, more if she can, and she describes herself as sexually passive. But that’s not how she is here. She goes right after Frankie’s young cock (he’s young enough to be her son).

Kinkiest sexual encounter: “Sex with a farmer in a barn.”

Sex with younger men?: “Yes, always.”

She has eaten pussy and had hers eaten. She has long, thin, shapely legs that, at first, are covered in stockings but quickly come off. Her glasses stay on. Very nice.

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Dr. Nina Hartley cures what ails you

Dr. Nina Hartley cures what ails you

Dr. Nina Hartley cures what ails you

This is what happens when you have a doctor who’s a famous porn star. Most doctors will just fuck you on the bill. Dr. Nina Hartley will fuck your cock. She’ll suck it, too, of course. The dude in this scene had no idea he was in for the time of his life when he went to the doctor and found out that the legendary Nina Hartley would be-ahem-handling his problems.

Nina is one of the most-prolific porn stars in history, having made over 650 films at the time she visited our studio.

“I grew up in Berkeley, California,” she said. “I was very active in the drama department in high school. I came of age during the last time sex was considered to be, overall, more positive than negative. I was very shy sexually, though my mind was full of sexual thoughts. I snuck into my first porn movie when I was a senior in high school and was transfixed. I knew at that time I wanted to get into sex performance.

“I started dancing in 1983 as a way to live out fantasies, perform, meet other bisexual women and as a fun way to earn money. I wanted to live a sexually free life and to have sex without being in love. For me, sex has been my vocation, my meal ticket, my path to happiness and self-understanding. I always get the most out of every sexual experience.”

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Sidra Sage

Sidra Sage Sidra Sage
Sidra Sage @
Sidra Sage is a Domina with a mind of what she needs in Life. Her long term sugar daddy slave has been well trained to put her needs ahead of his own, but the real test is tonight. Sidra is set to have her first multiple Man Scene and her First DP as well. At her insistence he will be gagged and blindfolded, only allowed to hear her moans of pleasure as she takes real Men’s cocks for Her pleasure. These Men know they are there for her pleasure and even take fun in reminding her slave of his place. Her slave eventually can not help himself and peeks a look to see her passion. He is of course rewarded with two loads of cum to clean from Her beautiful body to which he greedily laps up like the dog he is.
Sidra Sage Sidra Sage

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A big, black toy for Bibette

A big, black toy for Bibette

A big, black toy for Bibette

Like many of our women, beautiful Bibette Blanche is a swinger whose husband encourages all aspects of her sexuality.

“I’ll never forget my first swingers party,” the shapely 34-23-35 beauty told us. “There were naked bodies everywhere!”

Bibette is pretty pleased about being a MILF.

“I love the idea of younger men looking at me and getting hard,” she said. “My first sexual experience was with an older man who taught me all about pleasure. Now, besides being with my husband, that is one of my favorite things to do: be a sexual mentor for a young man who is just beginning to fuck! I love to teach!”

Now, this horny personal trainer from Florida wants to know if you want to watch her fuck herself with a big, black dildo. Well, do you?

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Trinity and the virgin

Trinity and the virgin

Trinity and the virgin

Four people are sitting at a bar, two guys, two girls, all of them on the youngish side. One of the guys tells Ivan that a girl across the room is checking him out, but he has eyes for the mature waitress.

“You know those kind of women drive me nuts,” young Ivan says. “I love them.”

“Ivan, that woman is old enough to be your mother,” one of the girls says.

Ivan already knows that. Then Trinity walks over to take their order. She’s wearing a short skirt and a tight top. Ivan can barely get his order out of his mouth. He mumbles something about sex on the beach. Trinity thinks he’s cute.

“Aren’t you twice his age?” one of the girls says.

“I am twice his age,” says Trinity, who at 52 is much more than twice his age. “I’m also twice as good.” Then she says to Ivan, “I’ll be out in 15 minutes if you want to come join me.”

Trinity takes him back to her place. She’s going to show him the ropes. She tells Ivan that he’s going to fuck her.

“I am?” he says.

Trinity has him eat her pussy and suck her huge clit. Trinity’s pussy is good for beginners because her clit is easy to find. Then she sucks his cock, careful so he doesn’t bust a nut too quickly. And then, she has Ivan fuck her pussy.

He’s been ruined for young girls forever.

Believe it or not, Trinity used to work at a brothel in Nevada, and one of her clients was a virgin.

“He was very excited,” she said. “I was very excited. I had to take it very slow with him because I didn’t want him to have an orgasm before he got inside of me. He did cum very quickly, but I let him take his time and get hard again so he could have me again. Besides, he had a nice cock.”

We knew there had to be something in it for her.

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Bea’s three-way fantasy cums true

Bea’s three-way fantasy cums true

Bea's three-way fantasy cums true

Bea Cummins once said, “My fantasy is to have sex with two or three fit young men and let them have their way with me.”

So, when Bea returned to our studio, 67 years old and looking sexier than ever, we made her fantasy come true. Here’s Bea, one of our most popular ladies ever, with John and Juan. John is 29. Juan is 27. They’re two of our biggest and our best, and Bea deserves them.

But the question is, did they have their way with Bea or did Bea have her way with them?

“I couldn’t help it,” Bea said when we pointed out that, at times, she became the aggressor. “It’s not every woman who gets to have her fantasy fulfilled at age 67 while the whole world watches.”

Including her husband. Yep, Mr. Cummins was sitting just a few feet away while John and Juan fuck his wife. Nice guy.

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Black cock in Naughty Alysha’s pussy, white cum on her face

Black cock in Naughty Alysha’s pussy, white cum on her face

Black cock in Naughty Alysha's pussy, white cum on her face

It’s black-cock time for 40-year-old naughty wife Naughty Alysha, who’s impressed by the size of Asante’s cock. And he’s impressed with what she calls her “big, jiggly ass.”

“I wanna feel that cock a little bit more,” Alysha says, and she’s being very aggressive, taking control of the situation, calling Asante “a sexy bitch.” He enjoys smacking her ass and making it jiggle.

Alysha enjoys sucking his cock and balls, and when it’s time for fucking, she strips down to absolutely nothing and fucks him hard.

“I love big, black cocks, but I love big, white cocks, too, and all sizes of cocks,” Alysha said. “If it’s hard and can satisfy my pussy, I’m fine with it. And I love cum!”

She gets lots of cum here, a whole faceful. Enjoy. Alysha obviously did.

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